Powering growth
in your cycling business
INMO is an omni-channel fulfilment and marketing platform that connects independent retailers, brands and consumers in a single marketplace
Increase footfall to your store, earn commission and improve customer engagement.
Deliver your omni-channel strategy quickly, cost effectively and increase brand exposure.
Offer them more choice, better service and added convenience to improve satisfaction.
As an INMO partner you have access to a growing suite of tools, insights and resources.
All designed to make your business relevant and sustainable for the future.
Commision management
Powerful commission management software allows both parties to monitor earnings from B2C sales subject to the trading rules set up and agreed within INMO.
Fulfillment control
Manage collections and returns quickly and efficiently with all relevant communications to end consumers and suppliers being fully automated and recorded.
Marketing tools
Make use of the INMO data collection tool with a variety of incentives to gather valuable consumer information in store to help you build an engaged contact list.
We’re changing the game in the specialist retail
sector and this is just the beginning!
Rebuild value in retail stores
The retail landscape is changing fast, but that does not mean it is the end of independent bricks and mortar stores – their role just has to evolve. This evolution will allow consumers to rediscover the value in local points of contact which will in turn drive footfall and profitability.

Becoming part of the INMO network is your first step in developing your role as a retailer and moving towards a more sustainable and future proof business model.
Increase footfall
Your store will be listed on all INMO partner brands B2C websites as a collection and return point regardless of whether you stock that brand in store or not.
Grow profitability
You can stock brands that use INMO and earn commission on B2C sales made by those brands into agreed geographical areas of influence around your store.
Improve engagement
You can make use of free INMO software to gather customer info, allowing personalised communication therefore increasing customer retention and engagement.
Becoming an INMO retail partner is free and easy to setup. There are no risks - only benefits and opportunities.
Take your first step towards the future of specialist retail
Deliver an omni channel experience
Deploy your omni-channel strategy quickly and cost effectively via the INMO retail partner network and our integration experts.
Strengthen retail partnerships
Trading the INMO way allows you to make the ultimate commission based, business proposition to a retailer to encourage them to stock and support your brand.
Retain control of your brand
Deliver your online brand experience 100% as you want to via your own B2C webstore with INMO retail partners providing your brands physical touchpoints at a local level.
Be an innovator and seize the competitive advantage that INMO offers your brand
Maximise brand equity and growth
As a premium consumer product brand, growing sales and brand value at the same time is a tough balancing act. All the research and data shows that consumers today want value as well as service – not just one or the other.

This is the omni channel consumer proposition that needs to be delivered effectively to maximise sales and brand value for the long term.
Take the first step towards your next phase of growth
Deliver a superior consumer experience
Today, the consumer is the point of sale. Everything has to focus on giving them what they want, when they want it, how they want it. Until now, it has been nearly impossible for individual brands and independent retailers to deliver this experience effectively.

The INMO platform connects brands and businesses together to create an agile, flexible and more efficient retail service network. All partners retain their independence whilst being able to deliver the service consumers have come to expect.
More convenience
Offer your consumers more options for local service, delivery and returns processing and therefore more reasons to visit stores and engage with brands.
Better choice
This is a new way of doing business. Revitalise and reinvigorate stores with exciting new brands that are forward looking.
Greater satisfaction
A satisfied customer is more likely to be an engaged customer. An engaged customer is more likely to be a repeat customer. It’s that simple.
INMO facilitates improved relationships between consumers, brands and retailers.
Care about your customers?
Learn how INMO can help you grow your business